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Who We Are

From a small office in Lista, a gem in the coastal municipality of Farsund, between Kristiansand and Stavanger, the adventure of WallPrint Scandinavia began

We deliver prints directly on walls and vertical surfaces throughout Scandinavia. The technology we use challenges current solutions and makes room for challenges that were not possible before. 

In addition, we are a distributor for ABCmix in Norway. ABCmix are modular light signs based on letters and signs that are ordered individually and put together without technical knowledge.


Meet the team

Our Mission

Our goal is to become a leader in print directly on the wall in Scandinavia. 

We want to be the preferred supplier of prints directly on walls and vertical surfaces in Scandinavia. Through innovation, quality and services, we will make a name for ourselves in the market. We have a burning commitment to deliver, and we like to see opportunities where others see limitations.

Core values


New technology and new solutions are constantly coming to the market. We must always lean forward and be in the drivers seat when facing what lies ahead.


A carefully planned and executed work is important so that we can deliver the quality that both we and our customers expect. 


Our customers must feel that they are appreciated, and we will do what we can to deliver according to the customer's wishes. 

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